Anonda Bell

Gallery Aferro, Newark. Curated by Evonne M. Davis and Jo-El Lopez

Formally opened February 22 and will hopefully reopen soon....

Glimpse arose from Evonne M. Davis’ fascination with and love of materials that reveal the artistic process. With almost 100 national artists and collectives participating, the exhibit features a substantial, immersive range of sketches, sketchbooks, artist books, lists, musings, drawings and studies, “black books,” proof sheets, and doodles on napkins or the backs of envelopes dating from as early as the 1940s to the present day. In select sketchbooks, a new page will be turned for each day the gallery is open, creating a subtle change in the composition of the exhibit that evokes the shifting nature of consciousness and memory. Whether it is a black book offered as proof of one’s virtuosity as an aerosol artist or an intimate document mixing text and imagery that has never been shared publicly, each object is evidence of a creative life lived, a dialogue sustained, erased, amended, retraced, and begun again. 
Participating Artists: Jill Adler • Gema Alava • Drew Alexander Ennis • Fanny Allie • Michael Atter • Gladys Barker Grauer • Milcah Bassel • Anonda Bell • Mashell Black • Louie Blaka • Ash Casti • Kailyn Cavaluzzo • Patricia Cazorla • Gwen Charles • Santiago Cohen • Gannon Crutcher • Montserrat Daubon • Jesse Davis • Kevin Durkin • Dahlia Elsayed • Michael Endy • Mary Ann Ficker • Justin Francesco • Julie Gallagher • France Garrido • Tai Hwa Goh • Cheryl Gross • Gilbert Hsiao • Lisa Iglesias • M’Liz Keefe • Caren King Choi • Sarah Kipp • Jordan Kollath • Nina Kuo • Norene Leddy • Ann LePore • Laura Lou Levy • Sandra Liu • Lucas Clan Kids • Melissa MacAlpin • Steve McKenzie • Anne Q. McKeown • Arturo Meade • Elizabeth Ndoye • Joseph O’Neal • Suliman Onque • Kelly Pinho • Rob Plater • Jon Rappeleye • Christine Soccio Romanell • Steve Rossi • Nancy Saleme • Triada Samaras • Carolyn Sheehan • Marah Siyam • Christine Soccio Romanell • Lizzy Storm • Ceaphas Stubbs • Kea Tawana • Michael K. Taylor • Calla Thompson • Bleriot Thompson • Mary Valverde • Eli Vandenberg • Ken Weathersby • Shoshanna Weinberger • Jaither West • Troy West • Eleanor White • Emma Wilcox • Heather Williams • Gail Winbury • Jesse Wright • Layqa Nuna Yawar 

"Soothing Souls"
​Akwaaba Gallery
, Newark, New Jersey. 

Curated by Jo-El Lopez

Virtual exhibition can be viewed here:

Artworks completed by 16 artists during the COVID19 pandemic.